How do I create an Animated Logo?
Find the product you wish to purchase, then add you preferede Colour, Text accordin to Animated Video after that upload your LOGO file and click the Add To Cart button.
How Long Will I Receive Updates And Support?
You receive updates and support within 24 hours. We are happy to help you at any time. Kindly drop your queries at hello@videoclub.com.au.
Can you recreate my current logo design Animation?
Yes. You can select any of our logo animation products on that bases we'll create brand new Animated Logo for you.
How will I receive my final logo Animation?
The Final Logo Animation will be send to your email address that you have purchased our product.
How long it take for you to design my Animated Logo?
Well, it would take from 3-5 business days for us to send you first demo of the drafts logo design. If you do not recieve any updated from us within given time period then Contact us. When we complete our 1st Logo phase we will sent you wait for you comments on that. Send us your feed back- Do you like design animation logo? Colour combination is working good or not? We will create our 2nd phase of that logo upon you feedback(if needed). Generally, Our clients get satisfied from our 1st phase of Logo.